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Monday, September 30, 2013

Netherlands is closing 19 prisons due to a serious prisoner shortage

Netherlands is closing 19 prisons due to a serious prisoner shortage
Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Sunday, 29-Sep-2013 22:01:47
As noted by this post on Facebook, there are countries like The Netherlands that are treating their citizens with respect and not as criminals...
(In the Netherlands) they allow cannabis... their police are kind.... they tolerate a little bit of juvenile foolishness that might include a broken flower pot without handcuffing them and throwing them in jail...their children get a free college education instead of being saddled with incredible debts starting out their lives... the poor are helped... health care is excellent and people don't lose their homes to get it... their old age centers are world famous for humanitarian ideals... they get five weeks vacation... prisoners get educated and rehabilitated... now, why are these jails empty?



  1. If we sent our corrupt politicians over there .. then their prisons would be over crowded.

  2. If they closed "Debtors Prisons" here we'd be very near empty.