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Government Caught Spraying Synthetic DNA To Mutate Humans

Geoengineering researchers claim that synthetic DNA is being sprayed in our skies as part of a plot to mutate the DNA in humans and animals. 

Scientist have already detected dangerous chemicals such as aluminium and barium in chemtrails being sprayed across our skies.
But now, scientists claim to have found evidence of dry red blood cells and GNA – a man-made synthetic version of DNA. reports: This GNA is reportedly entering the bodies of Humans and Animals, using Nano Technology and changing the DNA of Humans and our Animals.


Government Caught Spraying Synthetic DNA To Mutate Humans

US government caught spraying chemicals to change the DNA of humans and animals

Geoengineering researchers claim that synthetic DNA is being sprayed in our skies as part of a plot to mutate the DNA in humans and animals. 
Scientist have already detected dangerous chemicals such as aluminium and barium in chemtrails being sprayed across our skies.
But now, scientists claim to have found evidence of dry red blood cells and GNA – a man-made synthetic version of DNA. reports: This GNA is reportedly entering the bodies of Humans and Animals, using Nano Technology and changing the DNA of Humans and our Animals.
Just like the old science fiction movie, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, the GNA is ‘Replicating and Replacing’ our regular Human Cells with, God knows what!
This is happening with the compliance of World Leaders. Yes, we know it’s hard to believe. Look and listen and judge for yourself.

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology

*Reference to Barium in the HAARP patent report:
“It has also been proposed to release large clouds of barium in the magnetosphere so that photo ionization will increase the cold plasma density, thereby producing electron precipitation through enhanced whistler-mode interaction.”

What in the World Are They Spraying? 

The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed

By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze.

Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed the questions: who is doing this and why. With the release of this video, all of that has changed.

Here is the story of a rapidly developing industry called geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water — all supposedly for the betterment of mankind.

Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 — and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health.

We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure.

West Nile Spraying: Are Pesticides Leading To Toxic Exposures?

As parents in Sacramento County, Calif., put their kids to bed on Monday and Tuesday night, a pair of planes flying overhead doused a 30,000-acre area with a fine mist of pesticides. The target of the repeated aerial assault: mosquitoes.

A growing number of the pests harbor the West Nile virus, officials say, but some residents and environmental health advocates fear the risks of exposure to man-made chemicals — cancer, delayed brain development, hormone disruption, respiratory problems — may outweigh the danger of the disease.

West Nile, transmitted through the bite of a mosquito, usually triggers only mild flu-like symptoms. On rare occasions, however, it can prove deadly.

“The cure is worse than the disease,” said Kim Glazzard, director of the nonprofit Organic Sacramento.

“You’re spraying poison over thousands of people for the potential of maybe helping a handful of people. And kids are especially susceptible.”

A similar argument is currently being voiced in other parts of the country including Boston, New Orleans and Mobile, Ala.

Officials there also are responding to predictions of more West Nile, in large part because an unusually mild winter and a warm spring have bolstered mosquito populations.

In fact, this is the earliest that Sacramento officials have sprayed since they started the practice in 2005, a strategy researchers later confirmed had lessened the burden of West Nile in the community.

“We’ve already found a lot of West Nile virus in dead birds and mosquitoes this year. We usually don’t see this until August,” said Luz Rodriguez, a spokesperson with the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District, which supervises the spraying.

“We felt it was necessary to move forward quickly to reduce the number of adult mosquitoes to protect public health.”

Two different types of pesticides made up this year’s treatment: Anvil, a synthetic pyrethroid, and Dibrom, an organophosphate. Less than an ounce of each was applied to every acre, costing the county about $120,000 for two nights of spraying.

More spraying may be necessary if West Nile lingers, noted Rodriguez, adding that the district employs non-chemical strategies to help prevent West Nile infections as well, including educating the public about the use of repellents and distributing free mosquito larvae-eating fish.

Both of the sprayed pesticides are registered for use in mosquito control and were applied at levels below U.S. Environmental Protection Agency limits.
“The rates used are very, very low,” said Bob Peterson, an expert in pest management at Montana State University.

“This is a surgical strike against mosquitoes. It really only targets mosquitoes flying at night.”

Confident that the pesticide usage is safe, county officials did not tell residents to take precautions during the spraying.

“Generally, there is no need to relocate or stay inside,” said Rodriguez.
“If it makes people feel more comfortable, they can close windows or cover furniture. But there’s no list of specific recommendations.”

However, that does little to ease the concerns of environmental health experts and advocates, who point to known risks from tiny doses of certain chemicals, potential long-term effects, and the unknown risk of cumulative exposures to multiple chemicals.

“The chemicals they are using are not benign,” said John Wargo, an environmental health professor at Yale University. “They are both known to be toxic by different routes.”

Pyrethroids are known endocrine disruptors, a class of chemicals that researchers have recently found can mix up critical hormonal signals even at extremely small amounts.

Another ingredient in Anvil, added to boost the effectiveness of the pyrethroid on insects, is called piperonyl butoxide (PBO).

The chemical, according to a study published in Pediatrics can disrupt brain development in the womb, as well as interact with other pesticides in the environment to increase their toxicity.

PBO is listed among the top 10 chemicals in indoor dust, a significant route of exposure for young children.

Organophosphates also can be inhaled, absorbed or tracked indoors — and may be even more concerning for human health. The class of chemicals was originally developed as a weapon during World War II. Dibrom’s manufacturer describes it as a possible carcinogen.

“They made a really dramatic step this year by using an organophosphate … This is pretty bad stuff,” said Glazzard. “With increased toxic load in the environment already, we are sitting ducks for cancer in the future. More and more children are getting cancer at much earlier ages.”

The chemical also “creates havoc with a child’s nervous system,” noted Wargo.
Many of these effects wouldn’t be noticed for years, even decades, which experts suggest is why some toxic chemicals may slip through the regulatory cracks.

“We tend to study acute exposure,” said Mike Somers, spokesman for the Sacramento-based nonprofit Pesticide Watch, which has battled aerial insecticide spraying program.

“But what happens when you get exposed for several years in a row from the spraying? And what happens when you combine two different types of pesticides together?”

For the most part, the answer is unknown.

Some say the aerial spraying may not really curb the spread of West Nile. It potentially could poison birds and insects that naturally decrease mosquito numbers, said Wargo, or spur resistance to the chemicals, requiring more or stronger pesticides to maintain the same control.

According to Rodriguez of the Vector Control District, her team did use an organophosphate for the first time this year for “resistance management.”
“We are the experiment,” said Glazzard, who lived in the district’s spray zone a few years ago. “We don’t want to be experiments anymore.”

Property, Property Taxes, and The Whole Picture to Date

By Anna Von Reitz

I have taken on the task of trying to consolidate everything to date for you.  It's a long article and I don't want to be bombarded with questions of "How do I.....?" -- I want you all to sit down, look at the situation described, and begin figuring things out.  Just be quiet, take it all in, and think, think, think---- for yourselves. This is the first step toward being free of all this B.S. ---- recognize how arbitrary, false, and silly most of this is, like a children's game played in deadly earnest by adults.  Unfortunately, most Americans have been playing Chess while their employees have been playing Parcheesi --- which requires you to learn the new game, which then ultimately allows you to either (1) win the game, and/or (2) flip the table and play whatever game you want to play.  They can make you play Parcheesi or you can make them play Chess--after all, they are your employees.  

Our identity has been stolen. That resulted in us being reclassified as "US citizens" -- as if we were government employees or as if we had been born in Puerto Rico. 

This then affected our ability to own land in the states, because "foreigners" can't actually live here, they can only "reside" here. 

Instead, foreigners can have a long-term lease here and be tenants. 

So that is how you are identified -- as a tenant on your own land, with the State of Whatever as your landlord. Because you are mis-identified in the public record, your land holdings are also mis-identified and placed into one of three categories: residential, industrial, or agricultural, when your land of any sort should be classified as  private property.  

As long as you and your land are both mis-identified, you will be taken for a "tax payer" and as a "subscriber" and as a "public vessel" and as a "resident" and everything you think of as yours will in fact be owned by and controlled by an organization of interlopers callings themselves the "State of Oregon" or the "State of Michigan".  

First order of business then, is to get yourself back into the right category, and identify yourself as an American state national, not a "US citizen".  This is more difficult than it looks, because the perpetrators of this scheme have made it difficult, yet to enjoy the benefits of their perfidy they have had to leave the door open for you, too.  

That's why there is always remedy available to those who diligently search.  

Two layers of "government organizations" have placed these ugly claims on your name and estate.  The first of these, known as the Territorial United States, seized hold of the copyright of your name on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and then used that as a means to seize upon all your other property, too.  They excused this Breach of Trust after the bogus "Civil War" ---which was never a war, but an illegal commercial action on our shores--- in the name of Public Safety to ensure the peace after the "rebels" were defeated.  A hundred and fifty years later they are still attempting to use this excuse for stealing control of your name and estate by announcing "wars" against drugs, wars against this and wars against that.  It's all bull, but it serves the purpose of continuing to excuse their inexcusable usurpation against the American states and people.  

Where is the door?  

The Expatriation Act of July 1868 allows you to sign an Act of State and go back to your original status as an American born on the land of an actual state of the Union. 

But remember, they have already seized control of your Given Name, which is also known as a "Trade Name" in their system of things, and they have copyrighted it by "registering" your "birth/berth". 

How do you correct that?  

Well, their own records --- all those resulting "Certificates of Live Birth"--- show that you, the living man, were actually born on a specific day, like August 14, 1967, but the THING named after you wasn't registered until a few dates or weeks afterward---- on the (de) filing date which is also shown.   This results in a situation in which the living man has a birth-day and the ESTATE they created "for" him has a birth-date.  

There are two peaceful ways out of this box.  The first, and the route that I have chosen, is to object to their presumption of trustee-ship and usufruct status, return the Birth Certificate (its actually an insurance indemnity receipt so you are making an insurance claim for the return of your vested interest in your own estate), and copyright your own name by recording it as an Assumed Name with the land recording office in your county.  Every State of State in the Union has statutes about Assumed Names, also known as Business Names, also known as Trade Names, which retain your Common Law Copyright rights....... ah, so..... go back and correct the "mistake" and claim your own Trade Name and copyright it effective with your actual birth-day.  This predates their claim by a few days or weeks, so you are finally identified as the true party of interest and Holder in Due Course.

They had to leave this door open, in order to profit from all this chicanery themselves.  

Now you are Master of your own "vessel" and nobody can say otherwise, and if they infringe on your copyright in an effort to defraud you, you can call them on it in no uncertain terms with the proof of your recorded Common Law copyright to shove in their astonished faces.  Oh, my, Matilda, the horses can talk and the sheep can dance!  And their own published documents are the evidence of all this deceit and will-to-plunder.  

The second route, which recently opened up and which by mistake, has become yet another tool for the rats to use against you, is PARSE SYNTAX grammar.  

As I recently discussed--- one enterprising American found his way out of the their maze by creating a new name for himself using (arguably) correct grammar principals as his justification.  He left his Given Name which was "Russell Jay Gould" behind and adopted a new name with new punctuation: "Russell-Jay:Gould".  This created a separation between their "person" operated as "RUSSELL JAY GOULD" or "RUSSELL J. GOULD" and his newly created persons "Russell-Jay:Gould" and "Russell-J:Gould".  It has, thus far, created a lasting protective barrier between the living man and the predatory corporations, and if you adopt his system and use PARSE SYNTAX, it can protect you, too.  

The problem is that they have turned around and seen it as a new secret language they can operate in and use to defraud you.  This is precisely the problem that Russell and I spent five days discussing in Texas.  It now becomes necessary for everyone to learn PARSE SYNTAX so that you can defend yourselves in the venue of international law and commerce.  

The vermin responsible for all this fraud and rot have had a long tradition of using "Federal Code" --- think of actual coded language as in "Code Book" --- combined with "Legal-ese", the language of the lawyers, both of which attach special uncommon meanings to common words to form coded communications which are then used to defraud innocent Americans. The idea of using PARSE SYNTAX grammar for the same purpose was a no-brainer for these rats and they have eagerly accepted it.

According to Russell, this is their new backdoor trick.  If you don't present your claims in PARSE, they ignore them.  

Improper grammar, they snort.  Incorrect punctuation.  Throw it out.  Ho-hum.  Mere gibberish..... 

Well, so is Swahili gibberish to a non-Swahili, and French makes no sense to someone from Iceland who hasn't studied French. As long as American English is our official language and it has its own punctuation and style conventions, PARSE has to be viewed as a foreign language from our perspective, just like Legalese, Italian, and Dutch.  Russell justifies it in terms of being "correct" according to principles of math and logic, but as he also had to admit --- its just as easy to lie in the language of math as it is to lie using any system of symbolic communication.  Such a system only has to be consistent within the framework of its own declared assumptions to be "correct", so, correctness as we say in physics--- is in the "givens".  

Russell is a righteous man, so he naturally sees the Truth in PARSE.  The men we are dealing with naturally see it --- and use it---for the exact opposite purposes.  

There are advantages to identifying the foreign languages these vermin have been using against us. We have spent years breaking their codes and learning their lingo, so learning PARSE SYNTAX is just the latest challenge, but there is even more profound value in identifying whatever they are throwing at us as foreign language.  Foreign to us means exactly that---- and serves to make the distinction between Americans and "US citizens" more obvious.  RUSSELL-J:GOULD is never going to be recognized as a Proper Noun in American English.  The style, form, and punctuation clearly identifies it as PARSE and implies the grammar that goes with it.  That alone is a giant step forward toward honesty and truth in commerce.  

People will need to make their own decisions about how best to crack the nut and what tools to use to crack it.  I think that the strongest tools we have are our own values and sense of justice.  No matter what language something is expressed in, whether the grammar is correct or not, we all know when something is unfair.  We all recognize the criminality of trespassing on someone else's assets.  And a lie however it is expressed is still a lie.  

Picture the scene: Commander Gould and I seated at my kitchen table, both heads bowed.  We daily struggle with all that is false and selfish and small-minded in human nature, in ourselves and in others----but at the same time, we have a glimpse of something in Mankind that is glorious and fine and generous, a part of All That Is. 

In the days to come, I recommend that everyone work hard to take advantage of the "exits" that still exist in the standing law, working backwards to (1) claim and record your Common Law copyright to your name however it is styled, ordered, formed, or expressed, and then (2) issuing an Act of Expatriation and recording that as a Deed with the State Secretary of State.  If there is anyone out there who is willing to fund the effort, the Living Law Firm can ferret out the statutes guaranteeing Common Law Copyrights in all fifty of the States of States. We can develop effective Acts of State.  We can get it all translated into PARSE SYNTAX so the rats have no excuse.  We don't have the manpower, but we could hire enough paralegals and PARSE experts to get it done. 

The first step reclaims your copyright interest in your own name (and therefore all the assets attached to it) and puts you in control of it, and the second step uncouples the "presumption" of "residency" and "US citizen" status being associated with your name.   The first action gives you the key to unlock the door, the second allows you to walk through the door and lock it behind you.  The third action-- translation into PARSE-- gives them no wiggle room to ignore anything you have done. 

There are some additional niceties to be observed.  Once you reclaim your name and your proper political status you will need to notify the authorities responsible-- the Port Authority for your area (Coast Guard Commandant) and the Adjutant General (responsible for keeping and updating proper records) and the US Postmaster General.  There are actually seven (7) Postmaster and Post Master offices, but you address it to the Postmaster General as he is in charge of the military end of things and is the actual Commander of the Coast Guard and Adjutant General's Office in the Territorial Government that you have to notify about the changes in your status. 

If you intend to conduct any kind of business outside your state of the Union you will need to post an Indemnity Bond with the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, and if you go offshore to conduct business of any kind you will need to notify the U.S. Secretary of State and give them notice.    

We all need to become very much more aware of the "occupation" of the U.S. Army and the misconduct that has gone on in the international jurisdiction since the so-called American Civil War.  By becoming aware and doing our due diligence we can save the world from criminality and predators.  We can also exercise our God-given rights and enjoy our privacy and not be harassed.  

Going right along with this aim, we all need to learn the "latest and greatest" foreign code---- PARSE SYNTAX---- and use it as Russell intended it to be used, as a defense against falsehood and tyranny.   

Once you have yourself free and clear and beyond the reach of the vermin and their false claims against you, you can easily deal with the issue of Property Taxes and Income Taxes being imposed by foreign governments via false presumption and deceit.  Once you can be recognized as a natural-born American state national, you can go to the Tax Assessor and claim back your land as the landlord exercising your "reversionary trust interest" ---- and demand that it be listed as private property and not annexed as residential, industrial, or agricultural property belonging to the State of State.   

If like millions of Americans you still have a mortgage, you have "issues" to resolve.  American state nationals are not eligible for mortgages.  You are the actual landlords, so any mortgage credits to be applied under any tenancy agreement has to be paid to you, not taken from you.  American state nationals are not eligible for Social Security, either, and you should have never been enrolled.  American state nationals don't require or use marriage licenses.  And though they are imposed "in the interests of public safety", American state nationals are not required to use driver licenses, either, unless they are engaged in some business or trade that makes use of the public roads for private gain --- commercial trucking operations, taxi and courier services, etc. 

The foregoing mish-mash in which you have mistakenly enrolled or taken part in or been coerced to participate in programs meant for "US citizens" results in a lot of entanglements and potential controversies based on adhesion contracts.  You were not told that these offers and programs were only for "US citizens" and you were not given full disclosure about which kind of "US citizen" was eligible and other aspects of these sugar-coated lumps of rabbit feces, either.  As a result the contracts are invalid.  Now what? 

We are at the beginning of trying to settle such issues with the organizations responsible.  

Those who actually own their homes, ranches, etc., free and clear of mortgage debts can go to the Title Company and request a Certificate of Redemption.  They can then correct the Deed and Title to their assets, issue an Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance of Deed, transferring the property back to Stanton County Oregon or Pierce County Idaho or wherever else it is located and defining it as a private land parcel, tax-exempt, and described as....... "according to metes and bounds established by this Deed....." and as further described as Number 452 Pickle-Lovers Lane (copyright symbol) --- whatever name you make up to describe your parcel--- belonging to Ted and Marcia (or Bill and Alice or....) Johnson, c/o Post Box 39980 in AnyState, blah, blah, blah.  You record your deed in plain simple American English on page with the local land recording office, and you clearly "post" your land with the international black and white sign and "Private Property" signs.  

The federal vermin have to recognize your claims, because their own claims depend on your land claims: without a land jurisdiction, they don't have a delegated sea jurisdiction.  And they are even motivated and grateful to see your claims appearing on the land recording district offices, because it is beginning to dawn on them that without us, they are nothing.  Without us, they are open to seizure as pirates.  Without us, all their State of State claims blow away in the wind.  

They will still try to play their "You Can't See Me" games using PARSE SYNTAX as the excuse.  It is therefore important to learn PARSE and follow up with a Corollary Deed written in PARSE and added to the land record so that they can't discount or "mistake" your meaning about any of this anymore.  This would be the equivalent of re-writing your Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance of Deed in a foreign language and recording that for the benefit of the speakers who use that language. A properly translated PARSE deed serves notice to the vermin that the jig is up and that you know what they are doing.  

So at last you can achieve that much-desired end of having your employees leave you and your assets alone, and forcing them to get back to work doing the job you hired them to do---- protecting you and your assets instead of bullying, attacking, and robbing you.  

And wouldn't that be a nice change of direction?  

This is a long read and explanation of the circumstance and there are still a lot of things up in the air, but the basic outlines of the situation and the proper steps needed to deal with the Mess as it stands are becoming clear.  I cannot stress enough that this whole circumstance is a process --- not a single step, but many steps.  They've been diddling around with this for 150 years.  You can't expect to overcome it all in an afternoon.  

You need to think it through in a logical sequence and then reverse that sequence.  It is a Maxim of Law that "as a THING is bound, so it is unbound".   Well, THINGS, here is your chance.  

Reverse their claim and copyright of your name and estate by over-riding with a guaranteed Common Law Copyright pre-dating their claim. Record that. Give notice to the Coast Guard and Adjutant General and U.S. Postmaster General.   Reverse their presumption that you are a US citizen with an Act of State returning your name and estate to Wisconsin, Minnesota, or wherever you came from.  Record that. Give Notice to the State Secretary of State and U.S. Secretary of State.    Reverse their unspoken claim that your land belongs to their franchise operating as a State of State and belongs to a "resident" and is either "residential, industrial, or agricultural" land. Correct the Deed.  Record that. Give notice to the Tax Assessor and demand that your parcel be designated as private property and as tax exempt.   

Learn PARSE and bring a Notice of the Fact written in PARSE as a translation of your claims and rebuttals and deeds.  Record that.  If they even think about messing with you, they will see that translation provided for their understanding and go away, far, far away.  

So, now, at the end of all this--- you are back on solid ground and the sharks have to remain in the sea.  You are home at last.  The snail is on his thorn.  And the pick-pockets are on the run.  If you are an honest and peaceful man, that's what you wanted all along.  Be willing to give that to other people, even those you consider to be enemies, and your own peace is assured.  

The Rule of Love always overcomes the Rule of Law.  

See this article and over 700 others on Anna's website

Welfare Queen Feeds Lobster To Dog

DONALD TRUMP IS GONNA ROCK THE PLANET - Dan Pena on London Real * Interview from March 18th 2016* Strong Language but very good

Watch Live: Not Funny! Al Franken Latest DC Pervert Outed INFOWARS.COM/SHOW

Get the JOB DONE, President TRUMP!

OPA – Get the job done!
To President Trump,
Most of the hard working American’s have no clue their government is let’s say Screwed Up (cleaner words)! You claim all these positive points since your election and normally I would say YES!  Go T Go!
Let me cut through the BS – we the hard-working American’s who want their country back, a good number of us have been working to restore the government back to original organic constitution aka republic form of government for years.  You got indictments, use them, now and arrest those bad folks, put them into jail and throw the key away, far away. 
I understand many American’s won’t understand, so explain it to them.  They want to know that YOU are their elected representative and YOU wanted to drain the swamp and this is how YOU and your support staff aka Military are doing just that!
We also see that the numbers you are say really does not tell the true story …
So answer me these questions – Automotive OME’s have packed the dealers with CARS & TRUCKS to claim they are moving iron and the Dealer is hung out to dry … how is this good, other than to move the iron, they are using 20%+ discounts to move iron …
Numerous Pre-Friday sales are going on before Black Friday – many Retailers are hurting and are depending on YOU to fix the economy so the end customer can buy their products … Pushing consumer debt is BS – come on
RV – OMG the greatest disinformation BS flow we have ever seen in the World known to mankind … money flow into the hands of the people will do what … food on the table, heat, repaired vehicles, shelters with surplus before the holidays, food on the shelves of the church’s to feed those without, coats for those that don’t have them, medical for teeth, eyes, rehab, etc., and it keeps dragging on and on …
For a normal presidency, your doing really good! However, we have extraordinary effort to take down the cabal, in USA, in Saudi, in Zimbabwe, in ….
We know much has changed and in the works but the story line seems just like last year as Thanksgiving approaches more delays and we are screwed until mid January in 2018 because of one BS topic to another delay … and the Chinese get to platform trade day after day while the good hard working American’s get the shaft again!
So all your good work will go directly into the SHITTER!
From one patriot to another, get this done now, no more delays, put the bad people in jail or through military court for treason at least and release the funds into the hands of the hard working American’s now since we know how to rebuild our country and our own people … NOW, not tomorrow.  Its always tomorrow, and the American’s do not want to hear or see it again!
Give the order to pickup the bad folks, to release the money, and Get on the EBS to tell the damn story, release the money, we had enough, get it done.
FROM: Pissed Off Hard Working American's

Hopefully this is it!

OPA – Hopefully … this is it
President Trump, nice job in Asia and thanks for going forth in behalf of the hard-working American’s.
If you the reader where not able to see his speech, here is what we gathered from it … he laid the ground works with the Military budget increase (700B), Independent Sovereign Nations, Fair & Equal Trading of Goods and level Economics.
Here are some of his favorite phrases … “Unfair trade practices, Rogue Nations, Promote America Workers, Fair and reciprocal trade, Economical, Fair and Equable, Momentum building, Faithful to our Founding”
Another words – Military spending allows for the space program to be announced, Independent Sovereign Nations kills the New World Order – can you say Amen! Fair and Reciprocal Trade means we are not getting screwed as American’s and paying for everyone’s bills in the World so we should see additional tax cuts, Faithful to our Founding – which means going from a Corporate Government back to Body Politic who is following the original organic Constitution and Bill of Rights drop kicking the last administrations Fascist, Socialist, Communist beliefs and with Economics playing field being leveled which implies Basel 3 banking that introduces asset backed money or aka Gold / Silver backed Currency which now kills the FED and puts it back in the hands of US Treasury & the House.
OK, you set the ground works for the RV, increase in funds into the US economy.  He also set the stage for explaining all the changes to come from arrest to space program to new US treasury money to huge money influx into the economy,
Now, how long do we have to wait to exchange?  We American’s knows what has to be rebuilt, we know what we can do, so let us do it!  Make the arrest, Release the funds and Make the announcement!  
From: Pissed off American's

Thursday, November 16, 2017

!!! State of The Nation! BRIBED CALIFORNIA JUDGES!! #PEDOGATE: The California Cesspool of Judicial Corruption is Inconceivable

 emailed to me to post:

Read an article about BRIBED CALIFORNIA JUDGES, #PEDOGATE: The California Cesspool of Judicial Corruption is Inconceivable,which is published on a wonderful website, State of the Nation.100% Truthful information!

 On Monday, November 13, 2017, I visited the Santa Clara County Court of California. The big demonstration took place in the front of the Santa Clara County Court.  The Desperate Residents of the Santa Clara County requested to arrest and bring to justice-corrupted judges of the Santa Clara County Court, who took children from their mothers and families and sent these little children to the pedophiles. The Residents of the Santa Clara County wore white T-shits with photos of little children, whom corrupted judges took from their mothers and families and sent to the pedophiles. I talked with a woman, a God Mother of two little children, whom corrupted judges took from their mother and sent to a custody of pedophiles. The little girls were sexually abused! I will send you photos.

I was in the court because the organized pedophile satanic crime syndicate filed their eight fraudulent lawsuit against me, Case 17CV318715. I submitted documents, in which I exposed corrupted Judges such as Jewish Fraud Judge Carol Overton, her crime partners: former Presiding Judge Rise Pichon and well-known in California Jewish Satanist Attorney Rothbard, a High Level Fraud! 

Two days prior to this visit, I helped a desperate disabled woman, who resides in the Foster City. I exposed Fraud Attorney Rothbard, who forged her signature in the San Mateo County Court of California, trying to evict this disabled senior citizen from her apartment, the Case UDL-08887.

The Wild Brigandage and Lawlessness in the Courts of California!

Nina Sidorova   
Some Quotes from an article below:

The California Superior Court system into a profit center! 

To maintain due process, all Judges are required to disclose pecuniary ($) interest in any case in which they preside.  If Superior Court Judges receive payments from the County under a “secret” contract, they must recuse themselves from any case where the County is a party.

Clearly this does not happen; however, any defendant or plaintiff which raises this issue will see all the rats, I mean Judges, rapidly recuse themselves.  The contracts between the Judges and the County are NOT public documents and attempts to get access to them have been protected by the very Judges the contract seeks to implicate.  What are they hiding?
In immediate response to “Sturgeon I,” the California Legislature passed section 68220 to the Government Code which gave (1) retroactive immunity to the judges that received the bribes, (2) allowed counties the choice of whether to pay supplemental benefits at all; and (3) it left existing disparities in judicial benefits between the various counties intact.
And once the State has the child in foster care, they have no obligation to track whether they have gone missing.  Missing children mean loss of payments, so no one reports it, especially CPS.  Only when the parent goes looking for the child is it determined that they are missing.  Children are sold, sexually assaulted, abused, raped, and killed all while in the care of CPS.  But the California needs the money and Judge need the bribes.


#PEDOGATE: The California Cesspool of Judicial Corruption is



David Samuels
An Exclusive SOTN Investigative Report
We are all too familiar with how Child Protective Services has been implicated as a major source of Child Trafficking, but what we are not aware of is how the bribed State Judges and the Department of Health and Human Services make it all possible.  Let’s take the California Superior Court System as an example.  What you are about to hear should chill you to the bone.  It is a story of Judicial Treachery on a scale unprecedented in US history and is 100% true.
To understand how this all works, we must understand the landscape and how it almost came to an end in California.
Associate Justice Patricia Benke wrote in her 37-page opinion of Sturgeon v. County of Los Angeles (2008) 167 Cal.App.4th 630 (Sturgeon I), “The duty to prescribe judicial compensation is not delegable. Thus the practice of the County of Los Angeles (the county) providing Los Angeles County superior court judges with employment benefits, in addition to the compensation prescribed by the Legislature, is not permissible.”  This affirmed the principle that judicial compensation is a state, not a county, responsibility. The Appeals court found that by providing substantial employment benefits to its superior court judges, defendant County of Los Angeles (the county) violated article VI, section 19 of our Constitution, which requires that compensation for judges be prescribed by the Legislature.
Wikipedia states, “The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution each contain a due process clause. Due process deals with the administration of justice and thus the due process clause acts as a safeguard from arbitrary denial of life, liberty, or property by the government outside the sanction of law.[1] The Supreme Court of the United States interprets the clauses more broadly because these clauses provide four protections: procedural due process (in civil and criminal proceedings), substantive due process, a prohibition against vague laws, and as the vehicle for the incorporation of the Bill of Rights. Due process ensures the rights and equality of all citizens.”
To maintain due process, all Judges are required to disclose pecuniary ($) interest in any case in which they preside.  If Superior Court Judges receive payments from the County under a “secret” contract, they must recuse themselves from any case where the County is a party.  Clearly this does not happen; however, any defendant or plaintiff which raises this issue will see all the rats, I mean Judges, rapidly recuse themselves.  The contracts between the Judges and the County are NOT public documents and attempts to get access to them have been protected by the very Judges the contract seeks to implicate.  What are they hiding?
Your initial response might be, “So what, Judges are venerable and these payments do not corrupt them.  How dare you imply a corrupt motive?”
First, it was the Appeals Court which determined these bribes were illegal payments in violation of the California Constitution.  But let’s consider the broader ramifications.  If you are prosecuted by the County, how can a Superior Court Judge of the same county preside over the case if they are receiving an illegal bribe via a “Secret” contract?
Even after the payments were deemed illegal, did they end?  No, the Counties continue to make them.  Why?  All you need to do is ask, who benefits.
Why are these payments important?
There are several reasons why the counties continue to make these payments.
  1. County Supervisor pay is linked to Superior Court Judges compensation.
  2. Bribed Judges give favorable rulings to County Prosecutors.
  3. Title IV Incentive payments.
Numbers 1 and 2 are self-evident greed.  Number 3, “Title IV Incentive Payments,” leads to due process violations, bias, and child trafficking.  These Title IV payments to the State create an incentive.  Specifically, Title IV includes:
Part-A (Grants to States for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families),
Part-B (Child and Family Services),
Part-D (Child Support and Establishment of Paternity), and
Part-E (Fed Payments for Foster Care & Adoption Assistance).
The designation “IV” actually refers to Title IV of the Social Security Act of 1975, which covers grants to states for the purpose of providing aid and services to needy families with children.  The Administration of Children and Families (ACF) administers benefit payments under Title IV through HHS.  The FY 2017 Budget request for the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) is $63.0 billion.  The Mandatory Budget is $43.1 Billion with the majority based on Title IV:
Child Care Entitlement to States $2.917 billion,
Child Care and Development Fund $5.678 billion,
Child Support Enforcement and Family Support $4,311 billion, and
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) $16.739 billion.
If $63 Billion is available and California has 14% of the US Population, the State stands to receive almost $9 billion in Federal Reimbursements.
The California Superior Court system into a profit center!
Sturgeon I threatened to shut off this source of federal reimbursement funds because the Judges, for their part in the conspiracy were not going to do it for free.  The California Legislature understood the threat, “If you don’t do something to ensure the payments to the California Judges continue, we will shut off Title IV Federal Reimbursement payments.”
In immediate response to “Sturgeon I,” the California Legislature passed section 68220 to the Government Code which gave (1) retroactive immunity to the judges that received the bribes, (2) allowed counties the choice of whether to pay supplemental benefits at all; and (3) it left existing disparities in judicial benefits between the various counties intact.
45 CFR Part  § 304.12 (b) Incentive payments to States related to Title IV. Essentially, reimbursement is based ratios of the State’s Title IV-A, Title IV-D, and non-title IV-A collections.  Putting people into Title IV programs, voluntarily or involuntarily, means money for California, money for Judges, and money for Supervisors.  Whose money?  YOUR MONEY.
So how does this work?
The bribes mean that Judges AND attorneys both have an incentive to create “high conflict” cases which extend Family Court proceedings while they order psychiatric evaluations of mothers and fathers by unlicensed con-artists, force minors into foster care, remove children from homes, award high child support, alimony payments to abusive and raping spouse, and bleed both parties to ensure there is a higher chance one or both parties will continue to need state assistance.  The more money sent means larger incentive payment. Higher ratios of Title IV means high percentage reimbursement.
A bridge too far?  Maybe you can explain why would Judge Gregory Pollack of San Diego Superior Court awarded the sexual assault victim to pay alimony to her rapist husband in November 2012?  Simple, it was the end of the year and California needed to ensure maximum reimbursement § 304.12 (b) Incentive payments to States.  We suspect California needed to boost its ratio to increase its percentage returns.  Only because the victim went on a political campaign that led the California Legislature to introduced a bill that would keep any victim of violent sexual crime perpetrated by a spouse from having to pay alimony to the abusive former spouse.  Who can disagree with that?  Well, I can because it was the “Incentive Payments” which lead to this decision.  The decision by Judge Gregory Pollack was egregious, but the source of the problem was Title IV incentive payments.
On May 29, 2015 S. 178, the “Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015” was signed into law after much political fighting.  However, this is more in the wrong direction.  Solutions like these will make the problem worse, not better!  Government funding is the problem and in comes in the form 45 CFR Part  § 304.12 (b) Incentive payments to States.  Bribes to California Superior Court Judges in the form of these “secret” contracts ensure the Judiciary provides a steady stream Title IV rulings in a ratio to maximize federal reimbursements.
Ironically, the “S. 178 – Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015” that just passed under the auspices of dealing with child sex trafficking, will actually perpetuate the problem and make it worse, by funneling even more federal funds into social services for children and troubled youth.  Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer was one of the few who did speak out about the bill and try to do something to stop this horrendous problem, but predictably she now is dead.  Her published report, The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services, is reproduced is here.
How much money are we talking about?
Enough money to bribe judges! One child taken into foster care can bring in up to $1 million of revenue to the State. Children who need “extra care” are given many medical treatments, such as psychotropic drugs.  So guess what, California Foster Care prescribes psychiatric drugs at a rate well beyond malpractice, but it ensures more money. (See: California’s Crisis: 1 Out of Every 4 Children in California’s Foster Care Prescribed Powerful Psychiatric Drugs)
And once the State has the child in foster care, they have no obligation to track whether they have gone missing.  Missing children mean loss of payments, so no one reports it, especially CPS.  Only when the parent goes looking for the child is it determined that they are missing.  Children are sold, sexually assaulted, abused, raped, and killed all while in the care of CPS.  But the California needs the money and Judge need the bribes.
Where is the Child Trafficking?
The child trafficking industry, or human trafficking industry right now, makes more money than the illegal drug trade, and illegal arms trade, combined.  In California, all of this is possible due to the bribed Judges, California Superior Court system, and the legislature’s insatiable appetite for Incentive Payments to fill the budgetary gap.
There is so much corruption between Family Court and Child Protective Services
Anything else?
In 2012, the $2 billion California Court Case Management System was set to be rolled out to all of California.  It was intended to automate California court operations with a common system across the state and replace 70 different legacy systems.  However, the State had other plans after wasting all our money.  The system would have made information regarding Judicial corruption at everyone fingertips.  Statistically speaking, it would be very easy to determine which County places Judicial Bribes above the good of the people, what time of year to file a divorce, or any amount of statistical information that could be used to describe the current state of affairs.
While we are unable to find information related directly to the amount of incentive payments made according to each County, we suspect that if we looked at the amount contributed by each county and compared it to the amount of supplemental pay to Superior Court Judges by the County, we would see a strong correlation. The contract between the County and the Superior Court would likely spell this out, which is the reason these contracts are protected.
We suspect that we could make a huge dent in Child Trafficking by eliminating these Incentive Payments, but the corruption must continue no matter the cost.  And in case you think these bribes are needed to ensure competent Judges, consider that the Judges are elected positions in California.  Having practiced in front of many California Judges, I can tell you that we can’t do any worse.  Maybe, just maybe lower pay will call more principled individuals to the job, but they are lawyers to begin with.  You can take the Judge out of the lawyer, but you cannot take the lawyer out of the Judge.

KEY POINT: The Adoption and the Safe Families Act, set in motion by President Bill Clinton, offered cash “bonuses” to the states for every child they adopted out of foster care. In order to receive the “adoption incentive bonuses” local child protective services need more children. They must have merchandise (children) that sell and you must have plenty of them so the buyer can choose. Some counties are known to give a $4,000 bonus for each child adopted and an additional $2,000 for a “special needs” child. Employees work to keep the federal dollars flowing.

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November 14, 2017