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Another Response to "Kim Possible" -- And Other Disney Characters

From Anna Von Reitz
My responses will be in plain old non-bold type like this, following Kim's screed in bold. 
It has been a while since we spoke. I could include your emails on here where you threatened me for refusing to issue bonds off inground assets in the United States to you (not the people) but I will not as there is nothing productive that will come of this other than showing people how negative you can be. Further, I was also forwarded emails from other associates totally unrelated to any dealings you and I have had with the same threats you made on their lives for not conforming to your wishes. I retained all this for my records just incase there was any thing “real” behind your threats.
Yes, it has been a while.  No loss so far as I can see.  You were tasked with a simple job--- release the assets back to the people those assets belong to, including Michael Young and the Athabascan nations he represents and me and my husband, who represent The United States of America (Unincorporated)-- a position we inherited and which has cost us nothing but expense and hard work and endangerment.  
Instead of doing your job, you've been playing "footsie" with all sorts of disreputable international thugs.  No wonder I am disgusted with you, when you try to sell off or give away in-ground mineral assets belonging to the American states and people, and specifically, assets belonging to American Indians, at the behest of the British Queen to the Chinese.  Shame on you.  You are mad at me, because I quashed the deal, but at least the American assets stayed in America in American hands because of me, not because of you. 
You and your friends are so ignorant about law that you don't know what an "Execution Order" related to a charge of fraud and grand larceny is-- a charge which the Secret Service is holding against your ex-boyfriend.  Just for your information, they brought the Order to me.  I had nothing to do with it.  And if you try to tell anyone competent in the Federal Service that an Execution Order related to fraud and larceny charges is a death threat, you will be laughed out of the room, probably out of the building and down the street.  
Maybe we should discuss the fraud by your associate Mr. Young and his attempts to assign these same assets over to the “Chinese Elders” both in Las Vegas in August of 2017 and on his trip to China only just a few months ago when he called me asking for codes/assignments. (Yes I still have a copy of all those text messages). Why you expect me to help he/you/Bank of Dene assign inground assets to the “Chinese Elders” to the tune of 14 Trillion or some crazy amount? These are inground assets in America. The answer was no, so go ahead and slander away I do not care. I did the right thing, and have all this in writing from the two of you.
Michael Young is the lawful Trustee of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust--- one of several that has large gold bullion holdings that you are supposed to turn over so that Michael can fund humanitarian and infrastructure projects in this country.  I am sure that if you had simply done your job more than a year ago, he wouldn't have had to make any attempt to assign gold in the ground that also belongs to the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust, because he could have funded the projects using gold that is already mined. Uh-duh.  
Instead of doing your job,  you flaked out and traded the bullion assets yourself on a private trading platform, so they weren't available to the actual Trustee.  Oh, and you named your good buddy -- the same one the Secret Service is holding the fraud and grand larceny charges on-- as the 50/50 shareholder on the receipts of that trade.  So you tried to fatten yourself and your partner at the expense of widows and little children on the Navajo Reservation and I quashed that deal, too.  No doubt you are mad at me, but really, Kim, all I ever asked you to do was stop screwing around and do the job you were appointed to do.  All the bad choices are yours. 
Bad choice to keep the gold that belongs to the Athabascans and other beneficiaries of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust locked up and away from the people who have been waiting to see any benefit from it for over 200 years.  Bad choice to trade it and name yourself and your ex-boyfriend as the beneficiaries of the trade receipts. Bad choice to turn your back on some of the poorest and most needy people in America.   Just bad, bad, bad. 
Your lashing out at me publicly comes as no surprise. I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into your rantings of something you have little knowledge of, however your point is very unclear. Is there a purpose to this? Are the people any more free because of what you write about me? Do you have an alternative solution to get these people what they are owed? Then go right ahead and get it done. Ignore the fact the Trust exists (or does and does not according your posts) and get to it. Get all the people all the assets you claim to have access to by whatever means you desire, just leave me OUT. After all I am “fraud” according to you anyway.
I never said you weren't given the codes and told to start disbursing the funds to the intended recipients months ago.  So far as I have been told, you were.  But you haven't done your job. You haven't served the people or the countries that are supposed to benefit. So far, to my knowledge, you have only attempted to benefit yourself and your ex-boyfriend at the expense of this country's poorest poor.  
There are people dying of thirst in Africa right now, Kim,  because of you and your failure to get off  First Base and do your duty. That's more than enough reason for me to bang a gong and say, "What's going on?" 
For those of you that care for a response to Ms. Anna;
1) I did not get this position until 2012, AFTER Rothschild etal “Trusteeship” expired. I was not a “terminal operator” for Rothschild as you had stated. If I were, then why would they be blocking me? I mean after all they should welcome me into all their banks with open arms if I worked for them right?
They aren't blocking you. They have no control over the actual asset accounts anymore. Their trusteeship expired.  New codes were issued to you.  You can't use a normal terminal and you are so clueless that you don't know why?  How did you wind up in control of anything?  Even I, a self-admitted banking neophyte know the answer to that, and also know who is blocking you now and has blocked you in the past.  What I don't know is what -- beyond the obviously bad stuff -- have you tried to do?   
I could probably help you, and would, if I had any reason to think that your heart is actually in the right place and that you are not just a power-hungry, incompetent, unfeeling cheat. 
Do you even know why you were chosen for this role?  Any clue at all?  I somehow get the feeling that you were used.   I think M. used you to obey the "letter of the law" while avoiding its spirit and intent.  I think he knew you would fail, both because he withheld information necessary to do what you are supposed to do, and also because he knew your temperament and programming. 
2) Yes I am aware of Mr. M, I am aware he died, and I am also aware that we the people took the trust back from the theives, no thanks to you and any of your letters to the pope, Trump or Santa Claus nor any other entity you may have written letters to. I can assure you the writer of Draconian Law was notyou it was him and the one that wrote it is dead. How do I know that? Because I was THERE.
Ah, but, the Draconian Law lost all force and effect on Earth by Universal Mandate over a hundred years ago. Their guardianship ended, but they didn't leave. That's why the entire Heavenly Host has come to evict them.  And you know how I know that?  Because I was there.  And I still am.    
The Payment Bond was issued, by me, to the Vatican Chancery Court on January 6, 2017.  A year and a day later, precisely, on January 7, 2018, the Payment Bond cured and the Age of Aquarius began.  You think that is just a coincidence?  
Better think again --- about a whole lot of things. 
3) I wear 7 hats and hold multiple positions, only 1 has to do with any “money” and none of which have to do with anything which you speak of. So why don’t you do whatever it is you do, and I will do what I do. 
I also wear many, many hats.  I spend my days in diplomatic and legal missions and my nights hunting criminals in the Interstice.  It's because some of your actions appear to be tinged with criminality and self-interest that I have bothered to keep an eye on you, and especially your failure to turn over the asset-backed trusts to the people they are owed to.  It may not bother you that Indians on Reservations suffered through another miserable winter, and it may not hurt you that people are dying of thirst in Africa because you stalled out, but it bothers me.  It bothers me a lot. 
Unless you want the plethera of emails you have sent not only to me, but also people I know, posted on here then I suggest you keep me and the trust out of your postings. Next time someone forwards a “slanderous” email from you about me (got copies of those too) I will respond with the zip file of emails from you and Mr. Young.
I have nothing whatsoever to fear from you or any lies or misrepresentations you might concoct.  Your own criminal record precedes you, and your "relationship"-- complete with your intended 50/50 split of the illicit Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust trading platform deal speaks volumes about your true nature and intent. The most likely reason for this rant and these mindless threats is that you were thwarted again, from getting your hands on all that money.  It's going back into a trust fund to benefit the actual beneficiaries of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust, and this time, the Indians on the Res and people living in the western states are going to actually get the benefit.  Not you.  Not your pals. So sit on it and weep.  You intended evil and reaped zero for your efforts.  From now on, its Aquarian Law, not Draconian Law.
Other than that I wish you success in all your endeavors Ms. Anna Von Reitzinger, AAA (formerly AAIA). Please leave me out of your repertoire of postings and business as “Judge Anna“. I will certainly be leaving you out of mine.
Best Wishes,
Yes, well, I trust that all the worthy people who will be reading this as a result of this continued attack on me, will note the either (1) mentally unstable or (2) horribly hypocritical juxtaposition of your venom and threats and your "Best Wishes".  They will also note that you can't even spell my name correctly, though you have had ample opportunity to learn--which is a telling indication of how accurate your other information about me might be.   
Why anyone should have faith in you after the track record you have established, I can't say, but for me its a vote of "no confidence".  You haven't succeeded in getting any benefit for yourself, but you have managed to hurt and continue the long-suffering of millions of people on this planet, which is why I am recommending your removal.
Other council members--- heads up:  Either Kim hasn't been told that the Draconian Law on this planet is over, or she is programmed in such a way as to be unable to function in the transition-- deliberately sabotaged, in my opinion: Marduk's Last Laugh.  
We owe it to the millions of people suffering on this planet to dispense with further obstructions and delays and reptilian nonsense.  Full speed ahead, especially in Africa, where drought relief is of paramount importance.  Full speed ahead to relieve Michael Young and get the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust released to his oversight and control.  Full speed ahead on the worldwide judicial reform.  And last but not least, full speed ahead on totally replacing both the current internet and banking systems. 
It's time.  Or to be more precise, it is over a hundred years past time for the Dracos and their tools and their obstructions to be removed worldwide.  So let's remove them.  Hook, line, scale, fang, bots, and swots. 
That is my "two cents" as The Fiduciary and Senior Field Commander.
Kim “Possible”
Anna Maria 
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Homeless family of 4 found dead in parked van in California

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. (AP) — A homeless couple and their two young children, all dressed for bed, were found dead from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning in a parked van that had its windows covered with blankets and a shade to block out the light outside a Southern California strip mall, police said Friday.

Garden Grove Police Lt. Carl Whitney said a man, a woman, a boy and girl were found inside the white Honda van outside a CVS store late Thursday after a woman reported a foul odor coming from the vehicle.

"They were in pajamas and sleeping gear and it looks like they were all asleep inside the van," Whitney said.

There were no signs of obvious trauma. The cause of death is still under investigation, but authorities suspect carbon monoxide poisoning based on their initial observations, Whitney said.

Both children appeared under the age of 2 and were still in diapers, he said.

On Friday the Orange County Coroner's office identified the man as Phunyouphone Kanyavong, 41. Authorities said they believe they know the identities of the others but will not release their names until they are confirmed through DNA and fingerprints.

Garden Grove police detectives said they have spoken with relatives of Kanyavong who told them they believe the woman and the children are his girlfriend and the couple's two children.

The case comes as Southern California grapples with a rise in homelessness amid soaring housing costs.

The family had been living in the van for some time and relatives were aware of the situation but the father did not seek help, Whitney said.

"What is tragic about this is we have our special resources teams that have connections to different resources," Whitney said. "We don't want these people living in their cars, and especially with small children. We want them to be off the streets for their own safety."

The family in the van had been dead for at least two or three days by the time police arrived and the van was not running, Whitney said.

A clerk at the CVS store declined to comment early Friday. The strip mall — which also has a tea house, shoe store, pizza shop and mobile phone retailer — is located at a busy intersection in the city of 175,000 people about 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

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Fundamentals 2: Are You a Citizen?

From Anna Von Reitz

 Yesterday I had another hard knock.  A reader writing from Wyoming, upset because the State of Wyoming Supreme Court had denied the sovereignty of a man claiming to be a "private citizen".

What else was the State of Wyoming Supreme Court supposed to do?  

Claiming to be a "private citizen" is the same exact kind of oxymoron as claiming to be a "sovereign citizen".   You cannot be acting in a private capacity and claiming to be a citizen at the same time.  

You are either in the Army or out of the Army.  There is no in-between. 

So-- ask yourself this all-important question:  Am I a citizen?  

That is: 
(1) Am I federal employee or dependent?  If so, I am a citizen. 
(2) Am I an African- American?  If so, I am a citizen, but have Equal Civil Rights. 
(3) Am I listed in Title 42 -- a political asylum seeker, recent immigrant, or welfare seeker?  If so, I am a citizen. 
(4) Am I consciously, willingly operating "as" a federal corporate franchisee in international commerce?  If so, I am a citizen. 
(5) Was I born in Guam or Puerto Rico or some other legitimate and recognized territory of the United States? 

For 90% of Americans, the honest answer to these questions is --- hell, no, I am not a "citizen" and never have been, except for a brief stint in the US military. 

So why are you all wandering around nodding your heads like zombies and agreeing that you are "US Citizens" or "citizens of the United States"?

It's because you have been indoctrinated to answer yes without thinking, without even questioning what a "citizen" is.  

Look up the legal definition.  A citizen owes an obligation of service to the government.  

Do you have any obligation to serve the government?  Or does the government have an obligation to serve you? 

So, it's simple.  If you aren't a "citizen" stop saying that you are.  Say, I am "a non-citizen national" instead.

Another way to think of this is--- "citizen" equals "public capacity", while "non-citizen national" equals "private capacity".  

You are in the Army or out of the Army, part of and working for the government, or not, voluntarily accepting public "benefits" or not. 

If that unfortunate gentleman in Wyoming had known these simple facts, and had characterized himself properly as a "non-citizen national and native of Wyoming" (or whatever other state he was born in) the results of his trial might have turned out very differently, but until we know for sure who we are, and in what capacity we are acting, we can't blame anyone else for not knowing who we are and what we are doing---that is, in what capacity we are acting. 

The courts, in order to have jurisdiction, are always going to presume that you are a citizen and that you are consciously acting as a citizen at all times.  

It's up to you to tell them otherwise, and it is also up to you to document your choices and political status on the public record BEFORE you get hauled into their courts.  Otherwise they are free to presume that you are a "citizen" and subject to the whims of the government, which has no obligation to serve "citizens".  

Citizens have no constitutional rights or guarantees. 

Citizens are obligated to know and observe and obey all 80,000,000 statutory laws and Public Policies.  

Citizens can't own land in the actual states and are merely "residents" -- temporarily passing through while they are stationed here to provide "essential government services".  

Citizens are obligated to pay federal and federated state income and property taxes. 

Citizens are responsible for paying the entire public debt and can't question it.  

Are you beginning to get the drift here?  ---Beginning to understand why you have been indoctrinated since grade school to identify yourself as a "citizen" and never told that you had any other option?  

If you are finding this information helpful, please consider making a donation to the cause.  Our guys in the field are slogging it out inch by inch, page by page, filing by filing.  They need your help to keep going.  I need your help to keep going.  Please, if you have any "extra" you can spare to spread this knowledge and the lawful claims that go with it--- share.  The Crunch is upon us.  

Send PayPal donations to:

Send checks and money orders to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska, 99652.  

And thank you for listening and sharing-- for the sake of your own selves and your families and your country.  

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Storm Durham Fired for Possessing a Government Issued License

Commas and the Second Amendment

The Claim

Under ordinary usage, the first and third commas in the Amendment are unnecessary. If these commas had not been inserted, it would be possible to understand the Well Regulated Militia Clause as simply explaining the rationale for the Bear Arms Clause (the Amendment would then read: "A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."). But the commas are in fact in the text proposed by Congress and ratified by the states, and they prevent this reading. The first unusual comma– between "Militia" and "being"– forces the reader to search for a verb for which "Militia" is the subject. That verb does not appear until "shall not be infringed" near the end of the Amendment. The second unusual comma– between "Arms" and "shall"– sets off the verb phrase "shall not be infringed" from the preceding language; it suggests that the subject for this verb phrase is not simply "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms." The grammatical effect of these two unusual commas is to link "A well regulated Militia" to "shall not be infringed" to emphasize, in other words, that the goal of the Amendment is to protect the militia against federal interference. (Yassky brief at 12 n.4 for U.S. v. Emerson)
In other words the Yasky brief "suggests that the use of commas in the Second Amendment somehow links 'A well regulated Militia' to 'shall not be infringed,' as though the Constitution should be read to say: 'A well regulated Militia shall not be infringed.'" (Lund brief for U.S. v. Emerson)

The Yassky brief continues: "The Constitution was drafted with great care, and (unlike much legal writing from the Founding period) its use of punctuation generally conforms to modern conventions, suggesting that the commas in the Second Amendment are not haphazard but rather deserve scrupulous attention."
Evidence suggests otherwise. The Lund brief counters: "This desperate gambit ignores the Constitution's frequent use of commas that would be considered extraneous in modern usage (e.g., in the First and Third Amendments)."
Here is what three authoritative sources say about punctuation and comma usage during the 18th century:
"The punctuation that emerged in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was consistent in just two respects: it was prolific and often chaotic."
--- Alphabet to email: How written english evolved and where it's heading. Naomi S. Baron, Routledge, London and New York 2000. P. 185
"Excessive punctuation was common in the 18th century: at its worst it used commas with every subordinate clause and separable phrase."
--- 15 ed. V.29, The New Encyclopaedia Britannica 1997. P. 1051
"In the 18-19c, people tended to punctuate heavily, especially in their use of commas."
--- The Oxford Companion to the English Language. Oxford New York, Oxford University Press 1992. Tom McCarthur ed. P. 824
In the 19th Century the rule, borrowed from English law, was that "[p]unctuation is no part of the statute" (Hammock v. Farmers Loan & Trust Co, 105 U.S. 77 [1881]) (citing references from the late 18th and early 19th century).

Not that it matters, but...
The Second Amendment Foundation maintains, "The Final (ratified) version had only one comma according to the Library of Congress and Government Printing Office."
This image, from the Library of Congress, also shows the ratified version with one comma.
And this page from the National Archives contains a three comma version.
Author David E. Young writes:
Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State in the Washington Administration prepared an official printing of the amendments. This is the version that he authenticated as being the amendments proposed by Congress, ratified by the state legislatures, and made part of the Constitution under the ratification procedure set forth in Article V. Jefferson's official imprint of the Second Amendment has one middle comma with only the leading word, "A", of the sentence capitalized.(
This law journal article states:
The second amendment's capitalization and punctuation is not uniformly reported; another version has four commas, after "militia," "state," and "arms." Since documents were at that time copied by hand, variations in punctuation and capitalization are common, and the copy retained by the first Congress, the copies transmitted by it to the state legislatures, and the ratifications returned by them show wide variations in such details. Letter from Marlene McGuirl, Chief, British-American Law Division, Library of Congress (Oct. 29, 1976).(
So, it appears the states ratified insignificant differing versions of the Bill of Rights. These slight variations in puncuation and capitalization should not have any bearing on the document's interpretation.

Suppressed Human History Movie! Extraordinary Theory. Slow Version

Trump Admin Looking to Top JFK by Going to Mars

‘We’re going to get there. It’s moving along pretty good. A lot of things have happened…’ president says


U.S. President Donald Trump stated Thursday that his administration’s goal is to top former President John F. Kennedy’s Moon mission by attempting to reach Mars.

Speaking at the Friends of Ireland luncheon in Washington, Trump said the U.S. was making progress on a trip to the red planet.

“We’re looking at Mars, by the way,” Trump said. “Trying to top [Kennedy]. We’re going to get there. It’s moving along pretty good. A lot of things have happened… having to do with that subject. Way ahead of schedule.”

The president made similar remarks Wednesday while speaking at a Marine base in California, telling troops that the U.S. would begin a trip to Mars “very soon.”

“Very soon we’re going to Mars. You wouldn’t be going to Mars if my opponent won, that I can tell you,” Trump said. “You wouldn’t even be thinking about it.”

In December, Trump signed the “Space Policy Directive 1,” which outlined the administration’s policy towards space.

According to White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley, the directive orders NASA “to lead an innovative space exploration program to send American astronauts back to the Moon, and eventually Mars.”

The president also signed in March of last year the NASA Transition Authorization Act, which provides the agency $19.5 billion in funding for fiscal year 2018.

“With this legislation, we support NASA’s scientists, engineers and astronauts and their pursuit of discovery,” Trump said at the time. “This bill will make sure that NASA’s most important and effective programs are sustained.”
By Anna Von Reitz
Dear President Trump:

We are the only ones who can forgive the debts of the Territorial and Municipal United States, and who can restore your good credit and put the government corporations back in the black.
That may come as a shock to you, but it is the Truth.
Not only that, we are the Priority Creditors of all the other Territorial and Municipal Governments and all the corporations that have been formed under the authority of those governments worldwide.
Think about that.
We can simply forgive our debtors by balancing out the debts and the credits owed, and go from there. Return the assets to those they actually belong to, and beat the nukes into plowshares, because there will no longer be any fraud or lack of abundance to fight over anymore.
The bankers are only self-interested middlemen trying to whoop up a "claim on abandonment" to seize our assets by mistaking them for Territorial or Municipal "trust assets". To prevent that and get your own butt out of the wringer requires making peace with the people and the states and the National Government that your predecessors have treated with contempt and in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of commercial contract.
Make friends with those who might otherwise appear to be enemies. Make peace with your brother on the way to court. Ask us to forgive the sins and debts and be done with it. 
 ---------------------------- See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:

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The Bill of Rights 1791

People need to get away from the CONstitution. 
The Bill of Rights is the only document that has never been altered. It does not give rights. It only lists rights that we have by nature. 

Indoctrination has convinced people that the 2nd Amendment of the CONstitution protects our rights to arms. No it doesn't! It is a corporate charter!

The Articles within the bill of rights is what they cannot modify or ignore!

Fundamentals 1 -- Your Ship of State

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been amazed and chagrined over the last few days to plumb the depths of ignorance that infest both what serves as our government and the general populace. Those who received the simple text charts that I sent out yesterday should note the line separating the top and bottom half of all three chart pages.  On top of the dividing line in green is the word "LAND" and below the line in blue is the word "SEA". 

Only one (1) entity straddles that line between the LAND and the SEA.  That entity is The United States of America (Unincorporated).  It controls the entire international land jurisdiction owed to this country and it exercises the powers retained by the states and people in the international jurisdiction of the sea, per Amendment X.  And, in the event of the incapacity of one or more of the entities entrusted to exercise our delegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea, we retain the right to receive those delegated powers back and to exercise them at our discretion.  

The United States of America (Unincorporated) not to be confused with "The United States of America, Incorporated" ----is our Ship of State.  If our Ship of State goes down, so do we.  Everyone else has been concentrating their effort on saving their own names and estates out of the corporate bankruptcy slush pile.  Only we have been concentrating on saving our Ship of State. 

The rescue of individual names and estates is akin to launching lifeboats.  It allows a few people who are awake and moving to save their own assets and defend themselves against the banks and foreign creditors who will otherwise seize upon them as chattel backing the debts of the bankrupt federal corporations.  

But, ultimately, it is the Ship of State that we all have to save and reclaim from the jaws of the banks.  If we fail, then many millions of trusting, unsuspecting Americans will suffer the misery and horror of a commercial mercenary war carried out under color of law.  

They will be ousted from their homes and shops and small businesses and they won't even know what is happening or why.  The means to do this have already been suggested in Florida, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, where people suddenly received huge "tax" bills, often over $100,000.00 worth of "extra" property taxes and "extra income tax assessments" issued with a 30 day "pay or be evicted" notice.  

We fought them off and shut them down, but if we don't band together and sail our Ship of State, there will no longer be the means to fend off these insane veiled commercial claims from the secondary creditors of the "UNITED STATES, INC." and the "USA, Inc.". 

You are all helping by becoming aware of the issues and educating yourselves about the government you are supposed to have, the history, and  the fraud that has been played on us and on our entire country as well as many other countries throughout the world.  

You are helping by acknowledging, accepting, and re-conveying your Trade Names and all the derivative NAMES to the land and soil of the actual State you were born on and recording your claim.  You are helping with your prayers and good wishes and sharing of information. Last, but not least, you are helping by sending donations that keep our guys going and keep our postage paid.  

That's all part of it, and a very necessary and valid part, too--- but we, the members of our group, are the ones who already have the standing to save our Ship of State.  

We are the ones that spent twenty years establishing our standing, giving Due Process, building claims, establishing court records, establishing liens, declaring capacity, re-issuing and posting Notice of our Sovereign Letters Patent to forestall any claim that we, The United States of America (Unincorporated), "no longer exist", securing representation at the United Nations, forming contractual ties with the Native American Nations to prevent the plot to vacate our National Constitution ---and so much more that can't even be described in a book, much less an article. 

Now, we are the Priority Creditors of all the federal territorial and municipal corporations worldwide.  We, the American states and nations, represented by The United States of America (Unincorporated) are the only ones that can forgive the public debts of the Territorial and Municipal United States and the debts of many other nations.  

It is important that you all understand the absolutely crucial and pivotal role that I and my husband and these others, members of the Living Law Firm, and the American Indian Nations, play in bringing forward the claims of The United States of America (Unincorporated).  More "crew members" join us every day, but we are the ones who are in place at the ship's wheel, turning our Ship of State around and claiming back the assets of our states and our people. 

It was the intention of the international banks to claim that our entire country was abandoned and that it has no viable government, because the Territorial and Municipal corporations have all bankrupted themselves and our National Level government has supposedly been "kept in trust" by these fraud artists for many years, while our assets have been fraudulently used as collateral backing the private debts of these corporate governmental service providers.  

They meant to take it all on a "claim of abandonment".  

Just like they engineered the confiscation of privately held American gold back in the 1930's, used it as collateral backing their own bankruptcy, and then when the bankruptcy settled, came back in and claimed that all that gold was "abandoned", ----heirs and owners unknown.  

They meant to play that trick against our entire country and all our assets.  

They meant to claim that gee, tolks, look at all these abandoned state land trusts and all these unclaimed individual estates, and oh, by the way, all these "PERSONS" that have no owners, guess it's all free for the Secondary Creditors --- the banks --- to claim.  

THAT is what they have been working at -- basically, the foreclosure of our entire country and all our assets public and private, because of the relatively paltry debts of two foreign corporations whose only business here is to provide us with essential government services.  

It's that far bigger claim that we are fighting and denouncing as fraud and odious debt being held against innocent Third Parties who have been deliberately defrauded in Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Contract.  

The United States of America (Unincorporated) is still here, still viable, and is claiming back all of its assets, public and private, every scrap that is owed to the people and the actual states of this country.  

Help steer your Ship of State off the reef planned for it--- and save yourselves and everyone else in the process.  Once these issues are decided in our favor, we can straighten out the bookkeeping nightmare these vermin have created, and return everyone's property to them, worldwide.  

We can even help Mr. Trump drain the Swamp and get the Territorial and Municipal United States into solvent and properly ordered condition. 

The United States of America is the Proper Name of this country, and its proper capacity and sovereign form is as an unincorporated Body Politic, operating as an unincorporated business engaged in peaceful international trade.  So here we are at the eleventh hour, giving proof that our government and our property is not abandoned. 

Hopefully you all have some inkling now of the scope and importance of what The Living Law Firm  and the Michigan General Jural Assembly and a couple hundred other local and state government organizations have undertaken and understand, too, why our time is so limited and our resources always strained.  We have taken on nothing less than the Devil himself, the whole Empire of Mystery Babylon, all the scheming banks and crooked bureaucrats in the world.  

We have done it all with volunteers, with the sword and light of Truth, with the passion for compassion, with the determination of the green shoots in spring, with the hope that perseveres and the Will that will not yield.  We have done it for you because you were asleep, we have done it because of you, and so many other innocents who have suffered at the hands of these corporate scumbags. 

So by all means and with all speed, seize hold of your Trade Names and derivative NAMES and land them safe on the land and soil.  Boot up your local jural assemblies.  Prepare for any stormy weather that might be.  Pray for your grand old Ship of State under her Civil Flag as she sails into the courts and marketplaces of the world and declares--- "Hey!  Those are our assets!"---and pray for all those who sail her.

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Illegal Alien Acquitted of Murdering Kate Steinle Sues Feds for ‘Vindictive Prosecution’

Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate, the illegal alien acquitted last year of murdering 32-year-old Kate Steinle in July 2015, has sued the federal government, demanding that it produce documents “pertaining to vindictive prosecution and collusion” with the state government in its prosecution against him.

In November, a San Francisco jury found Garcia-Zarate not guilty of murdering Steinle, agreeing that although he had the gun from which the fatal shot was fired, the discharge could have been accidental.

The jury did convict Garcia-Zarate of felony possession of a weapon. He had seven previous felony convictions and had been deported five times before finding “sanctuary” on the streets of San Francisco, a noted “sanctuary city.”
The federal government immediately issued a warrant for Garcia-Zarate’s arrest for violating the terms of his 2015 federal prison release. It then charged him with federal crimes — “for being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, and for being an illegally present alien in possession of a firearm and ammunition.”

As reported by, Garcia-Zarate is alleging “that federal agencies colluded with the San Francisco police, district attorney’s office and sheriff’s office” and that he is being subjected to double jeopardy — being tried for the same crime twice.

In the motion, filed Tuesday, Garcia-Zarate’s attorney complains: “Almost immediately after the death of Ms. Steinle, then presidential candidate Donald Trump began to use Mr. Garcia-Zarate as the symbol of the dangers of illegal immigrants and the need for a wall between the United States and Mexico.” The attorney also cites several tweets by President Donald Trump as proof that his client is being subjected to unfair treatment.

The federal charges that follows, the attorney argues, violate Garcia-Zarate’s rights to due process: “Though broken up into two counts, these allegations address the exact same conduct as that for which he was convicted in San Francisco.”

To prove his case of “vindictive prosecution” and collusion between state and federal law enforcement, Garcia-Zarate is demanding all records of communication between federal, state, and local law enforcement about the case.

Ironically, California is currently battling the federal government over state laws that restrict cooperation and communication between state and local government with federal immigration officials.