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There is an association between vaccines and brain disorders. - autism


With  the  murder  of  his  father,  uncle  and  cousin,  Robert  Kennedy  is  fearless  in  exposing  the  corruption  of  the  'elitists'

(Natural News) Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is no stranger to controversy. As one of the country’s leading voices against the corporatism of medicine and the federal government’s collusion with Big Pharma to bring dangerous, mind and body altering drugs to the market in the name of profits, he’s on another crusade today.

Joined by Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro, the pair has teamed up with the World Mercury Project which Kennedy runs to reveal the truth about the presence of the heavy metal in vaccines.

In an open letter to journalists published by EcoWatch, both men publicized the WMP’s $100,000 challenge to any journalist who can produce a peer reviewed scientific study to prove that mercury-laced thimerosal, an ingredient in many vaccines, is safe

“We especially want to reach out to those of you who have made a point of assuring the public about the safety of the mercury based preservative thimerosal. It’s our hope that this challenge will elevate this important debate beyond name calling and prompt a genuine examination of the relevant science,” they wrote in their letter. “The American public is entitled to an honest, probing and vigorous discussion about this critical public health issue, a debate based on facts not rooted in fear or on blind faith in regulators and the pharmaceutical industry.”

As noted by Natural News, by comparison, several peer-reviewed studies have found that thimerosal is a potent neurotoxin. Not only that, recent studies have upheld earlier conclusions that mercury is most definitely a neurotoxin. Finally, a study by Yale University and the Penn State College of Medicine concluded recently that there is an association between vaccines and brain disorders.

De Niro, by the way, has a son who is autistic, which he says his wife noticed very soon after he received vaccines.

For his part, RFK Jr. has very little faith in government institutions like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ever standing up for the truth, because there are too many Big Pharma corporate interests involved in suppressing it.

“Instead of questioning, digging and investigating, journalists too often have taken the easy course of repeating the safety assurances of the pharmaceutical industry and the regulators at CDC’s Immunization Safety Office, which they have good reason to doubt,” he and De Niro wrote.

Kennedy has called the CDC “a cesspool of corruption” for failing time and again to do the right thing for Americans and for science in helping expose the link between brain damage and thimerosal-laced vaccines, which he has said hit poor, ethnic minority children the worst since it is most often included in the cheapest vaccines used at publicly-funded urban clinics.

“The head of the CDC is saying there is no connection between thimerosal and autism. I will challenge [them] to show me a single study that actually says that. In fact, I’ve put out a challenge that I will give any journalist who can show me a single study that shows that thimerosal is safe $10,000 — and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of studies,” Kennedy said, as reported by Newsmax.

“There are four federal studies that have looked at CDC and said the vaccine program at CDC is a cesspool of corruption,” added the author of the recent book, “Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak.” (RELATED: Study Confirms That All Vaccines Are Toxic)

For the Yale and Penn State study, researchers analyzed more than five years’ worth of private health insurance data on kids ages 6-15 and found that children vaccinated three-to-12 months prior were more likely to have been diagnosed with some form of neurological disorder.

In all, more than 95,000 children had been diagnosed with one of seven neuropsychiatric disorders: anorexia nervosa, anxiety disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and tic disorder.

Kennedy and De Niro have said they support and believe in the overall efficacy of vaccinations, but that the country and the world deserve to know the truth about thimerosal (AND MERCURY) in vaccines and its reported link to neurological problems.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


Judge Orders California To Release Papers Discussing Risk Of Cell Phone Use


Ambassador Lee E Wanta 


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN : -                                


AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.
Office of the Chairman / Chief Executive Officer
Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta
S.D.R. Diplomatic Passport No. 04362, 12535
4001 North 9th Street, Suite No. 227
Arlington, Virginia, USA  22203-1954
Commonwealth of Virginia

AUTH : ksi536/kbf373 - FALCONBIRD

Pacific Ocean Warned Will “Turn To Blood”

Pacific   Ocean  Warned  Will  “Turn  To  Blood”  After  Japan  Nuclear  Disaster  Breaches  “Gates  Of  Hell”

A truly alarming research article circulating in the Kremlin today written by doctor-scientists from the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Ministry (ROSGIDROMET) warns that the entire Pacific Ocean region (that comprises one-third of the Earth’s surface) is in danger of being subsumed by two marine species of red algae whose exponential growth has now been “accelerated” due to a never before known “internal planet atmospherebeing released as a result of the 11 March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster in Japan and that, if not mitigated, will cause this massive water body to turn “blood red”, kill everything within it, and make it unnavigable.  

According to this article, ROSGIDROMET doctor-scientists are the Federations experts on hydrometeorology [a branch of meteorology and hydrology that studies the transfer of water and energy between the land surface and the lower atmosphere] whose “main/central” focus of study is on what are called “atmospheric rivers” that they describe as narrow corridors of concentrated moisture in the atmosphere which are typically several thousand kilometers long and only a few hundred kilometers wide.

Past research projects for the benefit of the Federation of ROSGIDROMET  has been in the “guidance/control” of these “atmospheric rivers” in an effort to effectuate positive controls (precipitation) over certain oblasts and territories (regions) suffering from drought. (e.g., cloud seeding, weather manipulation)

Working closely with the Ministry of Defense (MoD) in their drought mitigation efforts in 2011, shortly after the Japanese nuclear disaster at Fukushima, ROSGIDROMET doctor-scientists were given access to the MoD’s Luch-class satellite data over the Pacific Ocean region in order to “track/monitor” the airborne spread of radiation—most particularly how this radiation “would/could” affect “atmospheric rivers”. 

On 31 January, however, satellite data received by ROSGIDROMENT doctor-scientists began to record abnormally high levels of radioactive sulfur emanating from Fukushima, and that was followed two days later, on 2 February, with Japanese authorities reporting that two of their radiation “protected” robots had been destroyed and, even more concerning, their discovery of a mysterious hole measuring 2 meters in diameter within the metal grating at the bottom of the containment vessel in this nuclear plant's No. 2 reactor.
While these abnormally high radioactive sulfur readings emanating from Fukushima were of “great/heavy” concern to ROSGIDROMENT doctor-scientists, what followed this past week on 23 February raised these concerns to an unprecedented level when these readings “exploded off of the charts” but, with Japanese authorities only admitting that a mysterious fire had broken out at this crippled nuclear plant and them giving no further information about.   

In describing the levels of radioactive sulfur being spewed from Fukushima and beginning to circle the globe, ROSCIDROMENT doctor-scientists could only explain it as “the gates of hell being opened” as no modern scientific literature has ever theorized about such enormous levels of sulfur being present in the deepest parts of Earth and leading one of these doctor-scientists to suggest that a “China Syndrome” event had occurred where the Fukishima nuclear material had melted down to an ancient deposit of “atmospheric sulfur” never known about before.

To the dangers of such catastrophic levels of radioactive sulfur being spewed into the atmosphere is due to the airborne nature of algae, most dangerously a marine species of red algae discovered in Japan in 2014 called “Congracilaria Babae” that, when exposed to radiation, has explosive growth and like all other marine species of algae thrive on sulfur.

Even worse was that in 2010 a discovery was made showing that a marine species of red algae called “Plocamiocolax Puvinata” had lost a key gene to stop it from rapidly replicating and that was further discovered, too, in the marine species of red algae called “Plocamium Pacificum”.

Critical to note about the “Plocamium Pacificum” marine species of red algae is that is an intertidal and subtidal alga found all along the Western coastlines of North America in the mid to low intertidal zone and sub-tidally to depths of 40 meters — meaning that as it grows and spreads, destroying oxygen levels and killing everything in its path, it remains hidden — but whose effects were beginning to be felt by 2015 with the collapse of this regions entire fishing industry due to mass die-offs, and many other strange anomalies occurring, too. 

Want to know more? Click HERE.

But to the greatest fears of ROSCIDROMENT doctor-scientists is the combining of the Japanese marine species of red algae “Congracilaria Babae” with its North America's west coast DNA-sibling “Plocamium Pacificum” and that should this happen, especially with the Pacific Ocean’s “atmospheric rivers” being inundated with massive quantities of radioactive sulfur from Japan’s newly opened  gates of hell”, a red algae catastrophic event would occur turning all waters it touches into “blood red” death zones and that not only would affect the ocean, but even into inland areas where these “atmospheric rivers” flow and precipitate as rain and snow.

And as if this ROSCIDROMENT research article isn’t frightening enough, these doctor-scientists made it even more scary (apocalyptic in fact) by having the Department for External Church Relations (DECR) write an addendum to their findings in order to find out if there were any historical-religious counterparts that could be examined so that more “clarity/insight” could be gained.

The DECR, of course, obliged these ROSCIDROMENT doctor-scientists, and in their over 300 page addendum to this scientific research article noted that the Holy Scriptures did, in fact, predict a future time when one-third of the world’s waters would be turned “blood red”, and who cited as their evidence two passages from The Book Revelations: 
And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.” –and- “The third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.”

 DECR religious experts in this addendum further note that the Holy Scripture words “fountains of water” as used in this Book of Revelations warning are comprised of the ancient Greek words “phgh” (πηγάζω) and “udwr” (ὕδωρ) and that, when combined, form the meaning of “water of the deluge” from where this “blood red” water will come from, and that matches the historical accounts of Noah’s Flood where it rained for 40 days and 40 nights flooding the entire world and whose water came from what we know now as “atmospheric rivers”. [Note: At any moment, the atmosphere contains an astounding 37.5 million-billion gallons of water, in the invisible vapor phase.] 

As to the previously unknown existence to modern science of an “internal planet atmosphere” of sulfur, DECR religious experts in their addendum to this research article further state that this has long been known and written about by all of Earth’s most ancient people and, in Christianity, is a deep underground realm called Hell, Sheol and/or Gehenna,

This ROSGIDROMET research article concludes with these doctor-scientists giving no prediction for when their worst fears might be realized, and as seemingly echoed by DECR experts in their addendum who just simply note that every day God expects us all to remain watchful for these things—and that, at least to us, sounds like good advice. 
Sorcha Faal 
Feb 26 2017

The Final End of the Fraud - Hail, the Emperor's New Clothes

By Anna Von Reitz

The problem as I see it, is not lack of action--- but lack of effective action--- and also lack of understanding of how the fraud has been accomplished.

We now have it completely dissected, the entire mechanism scraped down to the bone for everyone to see.
What it amounts to is commercial fraud resulting in inland piracy and unlawful conversion of assets, all based on copyright and trademark infringement and identity theft.
The vexing question has always been, how to put an end to it?  How to deliver an answer simple and inexpensive enough for the poorest and most ignorant people to benefit---- for if we leave anyone behind, we leave open the door for our own eventual re-enslavement. 
Remedy has to be simple, cheap, easily understood, and easy to access.  What is it?
For Americans I believe it is as simple as "surrendering the PERSON" provided by the UNITED STATES, INC., thereby releasing oneself from any presumption of voluntary participation in the scam.
But to whom?  That is always the rub..... When one revokes an election to pay federal income taxes, one must notify the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and the Commissioner of the IRS and now also the Commissioner of THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, past, present and future.....
Who do you notify when giving back the odious "gift" of a PERSON?  
The absolute source of the PERSON(S) is the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, so it makes sense to notify the SECRETARY OF COMMERCE--- but would you "surrender" a dangerous securitized PERSON to the SECRETARY OF COMMERCE?   Isn't that a bit like handing Charles Manson over to Porky Pig? 
No, a notice to the SECRETARY OF COMMERCE who creates these noxious fictions and a notice to the SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE who holds the liens against them---- that makes practical sense as a "due notice" but they cannot logically be the official responsible for cashiering the PERSON.
The answer is in the 1934 Emergency Banking Act---- the Secretary of the Treasury, used to be Jacob Lew and now, Mr. Mnuchin.
So that is the official responsible for "depositing" the PERSONS and we are the Bounty Hunters responsible for collecting and surrendering them as in "surrendering" a criminal or prisoner or in some cases, a coupon, voucher, or certificate......ah, a certificate, an insurance indemnity receipt......
This all goes back to whether you want to operate in commerce or in trade. 
You are "gifted" with the PERSON, for example, JOHN MICHAEL DOE, to enable you to operate in commerce and thereby become subjected to federal regulation and federal taxation.  Oh, jolly!  We all wanted that, right?  We were just never told anything about it and forced into it when we were still babes in our cradles and didn't have a clue what was going on.  Our Mothers were never told, either, so they couldn't tell us.
Our identities and our property were stolen literally "like candy from a baby" and the bastards got away with misrepresenting our political status, too.
That's how little John Michael Doe became a ward of the UNITED STATES and became identified as a US CITIZEN operating the commercial "vessel" JOHN MICHAEL DOE. 
That's how we were press ganged and enslaved by the Queen of England and the Roman Pontiff, even though they are both supposed to be acting as our International Trustees. 
The filthy vermin. 
This is how we were forced to operate in commerce and fraudulently subjected to the foreign federal government under delegated powers.  We granted them control of our commerce--- not our trade--- and this is how they contrived to beat us and rob us. 
The absolute bottom-of-the-barrel criminals operating as ELIZABETH II and FRANCISCUS are still profiting from this, and we can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  They used their undeclared Foreign Agents, members of the Bar Associations, to implement this vile fraud against Americans and then also to collect the resulting unjust enrichment---- and we can prove that in spades, too. 
They funneled their ill-gotten gains through the Bank of New York Mellon, laundered it through the Vatican Bank, and then after the Pope got his cut, sent it back via the Bank of Canada so the Queen got her bit of the heist, and left the remainder for the politicians in DC to cut up and parcel out bribes and kick-backs to the Territorial "states" and "counties" as "federal revenue sharing". 
Are you angry yet?  Title to your home and land and businesses has all been stolen by these vipers, even your DNA and your name has been stolen and copyrighted by these vicious prigs for their own benefit. 
But there IS a remedy.  You get an authenticated STATE OF WHATEVER copy of "YOUR" BIRTH CERTIFICATE and shove it up their rear by writing a few things in red ink on it and sending Mr. Mnuchin a Notice of Fiduciary Relationship otherwise known as IRS Form 56.
And that is the end of JOHN MICHAEL DOE and all "HIS" bogus debts, which you have been forced to pay off all your life.  You have returned him whence he came and there can no longer be any presumption that you are knowingly, willingly, "voluntarily" playing this game in which you give them everything and receive nothing but their debts in return.
When "JOHN MICHAEL DOE" goes down the tubes, so does the JOHN M. DOE (bankrupt) Public Transmitting Utility set up by Mr. Obummer.  Be sure and tell Mr. Mnuchin that you want the entire "US CITIZENSHIP ORGANIZATION" liquidated and credited to The United States of America account without recourse. 
And what is the Red Writing that you need to apply to the authenticated BIRTH CERTIFICATE? 
Without disturbing the rivets connecting the BC with the fancy authentication certificate from the Territorial "State of" Secretary of State, you need to take a red ink pen and on the upper left hand corner of the BC print: Accepted by Drawee--- by: Your Signature and the date. 
Then on the back print: Pay to the Order of the United States of America, U.S. Treasury. Without Recourse. by: Your Signature and the date.
Send a cover letter along with the IRS Form 56 "Notice of Fiduciary Relationship" to Mr. Mnuchin and instruct him to open your credit account using the Registered Mail Number used to send him your packet containing the Form 56 and the Authenticated BC as the account number. 
This credit is what is owed to you and your ancestors who were bilked.  When you do this, the so-called "National Debt" is offset by the actual National Credit.
The Internal Revenue Service is the agency responsible for returning your credit and titles to your land and all your other property and is also responsible for prosecuting the rats who promulgated the unlawful seizure of your private assets to pay their public debts.
Tell Mr. Mnuchin that your claim is indemnified under subrogation by Private Registered Indemnity Bond  AMRI00001 and Payment Bond AMRI00003 RA393427653US.
Send it all to Mr. Mnuchin via Registered Mail, keeping a copy and all receipts for your records.
An effort needs to be mounted to force the immediate issuance of credit cards related to these accounts to the people who have been defrauded and abused all these years so as to expedite their timely receipt of credit due and put a stop to any further false claims and inconvenience resulting from the continued billing of utility and other bills to JOHN MICHAEL DOE and JOHN M. DOE and whatever other fictions they can dream up and offer as voo-doo doll DEBTORS.
Mr. Trump and the members of the "Congress" need to be truly lit up with the news that this fraud is at an end.
As for all the rest, report it to the Internal Revenue Service.
In Foreclosure?  Facing criminal "charges"? 
These vermin have been double-dipping and robbing you and not reporting the "extra" income.  They've been making false claims on abandonment and seizing hidden escrow bond accounts held in your NAME.  They've been "securitizing" you as a slave, right down to your DNA and your name and selling "YOU" on the open market.
If you aren't ready to spit, you surely ought to be.
The Roman Pontiff's private Bill Collectors duded up and impersonating judges so as to provide "an appearance of justice" under "Federal Rules of Civil Procedure"---har, har, har!----have been eating out your substance like moths for decades and not paying their taxes. 
Imagine that?

Sounds like the Internal Revenue Service ought to be notified. 
See this article and over 400 others on Anna's website

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Maine Drops 9,000 From Food Stamps After Refusal To Comply With Work Requirements

Republican Governor Paul LePage dared to begin enforcing Maine's volunteer and work requirements for food stamp (SNAP) recipients to keep their benefits. The end result was more than 9,000 non-disabled adults getting dropped from the program.

As CNS News' Eric Schiener reports, a Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) spokesman tells the Associated Press that 12,000 non-disabled adults were in Maine’s SNAP program before Jan. 1 - a number that dropped to 2,680 by the end of March...
The rules prevent adults, who are not disabled and do not have dependents, from receiving food stamps for more than three months unless they work at least 20 hours a week, participate in a work-training program, or meet volunteer guidelines for 24 hours out of the month.

Any one of those three minimums getting met will result in an individual to retain their SNAP food benefits.

DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew said the goal of the requirements is to encourage people to find work.

"If you're on these programs it means you are living in poverty and so the more that we can help incentive people on that pathway to employment and self-sufficiency the better off they're going to be," Mayhew told the Associated Press.
In Maine, once someone loses their benefits, they cannot regain assistance for three years.
Patriot Chronicle points out, in Maine, 9,000 able-bodied people who are supposedly too poor to feed themselves couldn’t seem to handle that. In addition, those who lose their benefits in such a manner can’t reapply for assistance for three years.
Liberals have sold government dependence so deliberately well, that even doing 24 hours of approved volunteer work a month for a capable adult became too much for more than 9,000 people.

Either the Liberals have truly brain washed the voting masses into droning zombies, or they’re really not that needy for food.

Either way, the taxpayers who work hard for their paychecks, can feel some satisfaction at knowing they won’t have to support as much mediocrity as they used to.
As we noted previoulsy, thanks to many years of accelerated growth in the program under both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, 1 in 7 Americans now participate in the food stamp program.  There are, however, very large differences from state to state in how much the food stamp program has expanded. If we look at growth in the program from the year 2000 to 2015, we find growth varying from 641 percent growth in Nevada, to 54 percent growth in Wyoming:
Regionally, the areas of the country with the most growth are the South and West:

Ex Military Whistleblower Exposes Chemtrails

Ex Military Whistleblower Khristen Meghan
Exposes Chemtrails

The mind is useless when the eyes are blind

The mind is useless
when the eyes are blind

Chuck Norris



A 6000 Year History Of The Jew World Order



Lawmakers are calling for an investigation into a series of highly unusual moves made by President Barack Obama while he had one foot out the door.

His administration signed off on a $418 million arms deal to Kenya on his last day in office.

While that alone isn’t suspicious – American weapons are sold to our allies all the time, under both Democratic and Republican presidencies – the conditions are certainly raising eyebrows.

And at least one lawmaker thinks the Obama Administration might’ve tried to pull the wool over the Kenyans’ eyes.

“My office has received credible allegations of faulty contracting practices, fraud and unfair treatment surrounding this sale,” North Carolina Congressman Ted Budd said in a bombshell interview with The Daily Nation, Kenya’s biggest newspaper.

In fact, he said Kenya is being charged nearly DOUBLE what it should be paying!

The deal includes up to 12 Air Tractor AT-802L propeller-based aircraft as well as two AT-504 trainer aircraft along with weapons, technical support and program management, the Standard Digital reported.

They would replace the aging aircraft Kenya is using in its battle against ISIS-linked al Shabab terrorists. The new aircraft would be able to fly lower, getting closer to their targets, and better armed against the Soviet-era weapons favored by the terrorist fighters.

But Breitbart News is reporting that Budd and other lawmakers are raising questions over the deal and may even open an investigation over some incredible suspicious arrangements.

Turns out the contract was given quietly to a company called L3 Technologies that’s NEVER made the aircraft before. Jane’s even reports that Kenya may not have even known that this company never made the things.

And this firm is charging nearly $200 million more than the going rate charged by an experienced, veteran-run company in Budd’s North Carolina district.

That company, IOMAX USA, never got a shot at the contract because they didn’t even know about it until AFTER it was quietly given to L3.

“It looks like politics,” Budd told Breitbart News. “Why are they sending it to someone that’s produced zero, for twice the price? This is inappropriate.”

The Kenyans appear concerned, and not just because it looks like the country’s family ties to Obama didn’t serve them well.

It’s also because of the cash.

While $418 million might be a drop in the bucket of the U.S. military budget, this is a massive expensive for Kenya.

If it goes through, it might be Kenya’s largest-ever arms purchase, more than double the total spent on arms over the previous five years combined, the East African newspaper reported.

The number seems even larger when you consider that it’s nearly half the nation’s entire 2015 defense budget of $954 million.

Now that deal could be in jeopardy – and the Islamic terrorists pillaging Kenya’s vast rural regions are no doubt celebrating… all because of a shady deal made in a hurry on the former president’s final day on the job.

The Horn editorial team

Help SaveNaturalNews - Please sign petition


Help #SaveNaturalNews by signing this White House petition  (GOOGLE is also censoring the  Dr Mercola website articles on natural healing modalitys)
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Another Natural News investigation found that webmaster guidelines violations by HuffPo, BuzzFeed, Forbes and CNN are ignored by Google, allowing those sites (and many others) to continue operating without pause while Natural News was singled out for site-wide censorship.
You are witnessing a modern-day "high-tech lynching" being openly carried out by Google in total violation of the U.S. Constitution, fairness, business ethics and basic human decency.

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After censoring nutritional supplement ads, Google goes all-in for Big Pharma by blacklisting the entire Natural News website
By Vicki Batts | Read the full story
With outrageous censoring of Natural News, Google now becomes the internet’s #1 BULLY and pusher of hate speech… #SaveNaturalNews By Mike Adams | Read the full story

Why didn’t Google blacklist Gizmodo, BuzzFeed, Daily Kos and others for "outbound links" when Natural News was silenced for far less?
As readers of Natural News are aware, search giant Google, which delivers about 67.5 percent of all search results in the United States, is attempting to put our site down the memory hole after ...

Feb 24 at 4:22 PM
Grassroots campaign launched to #SaveNaturalNews
Mike Adams
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